My name is Linda Moratto and I am a registered counsellor who runs a private practice in the heart of beautiful Healesville.

My approach to therapy is very simple, warm, non-judgmental and tailored to your individual needs. I am a solution focused counsellor that focuses on assisting you with developing strategies for whatever issues and problems you may be currently facing.

I specialise in working with clients that are suffering from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, however, I also possess a strong background in grief and loss, and working with clients suffering from addictions. I am also available for couples and family therapy.

I possess a degree in counselling, and I am currently completing my Master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy. In addition to this, I also hold a degree in social science and a teaching degree. This has provided me with a wonderful foundation for working with both adolescents and adults.


There are many areas that I specialise in, while this list is by no means everything. It will give you some idea of what I do.

  • Counselling for clients struggling with depression and/or anxiety and other mental health issues.
  • Counselling for grief and loss, this includes losses such as the death of loved one, infant loss, and counselling for family members whilst a loved one is in palliative care.
  • Alcohol and drugs addictions
  • Family therapy and couples counselling* Parent/child relationships
  • Counselling for couples or individuals suffering from postnatal depression, including management strategies for taking home a new born.
  • Workplace or schoolyard bullying
  • Confidence, self-esteem and life management strategies
  • Trauma relating to injury, loss, and abuse
  • Issues surrounding sexuality
  • Stress management
  • I work with adolescents, adults, elderly, men and women.
  • Generalist counselling

If there is something else you have in mind that is not on here, please do not hesitate me to ask. If it is outside of my scope of what I do, I can refer you to an appropriate service that can assist.